Services/Hire Me

My work breaks down into a few different categories.


I am available for reviews, columns, interviews and liner notes. I have experience in a range of musical areas, so if you would like your work reviewed, or featured in press, please feel free to get in touch. Eqaually, if you are a publication currently looking for assistance, please consider my services. If you need liner notes completed for a new prject, whether physical or digital, I would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Feedback from one of my recent reviews:

Hi Gideon,

Well this certainly came out of the blue. Thanks so much for the review of
“Americana Motel”. And thanks for taking the time to really listen. We’ve had several good reviews–and we appreciate them–but sometimes the writer doesn’t quite “get” what we’re about. Because our style is all over the place folks sometimes get frustrated trying to put a label on the music.

You pretty much nailed it. It’s good to know some people actually appreciate it. The review is very thoughtful and well written.


Likewise, I am available for a broad range of copywriting, from press releases to website and promotional copy. You can find a selection of press releases I have worked on on the Portfolio page.

Research projects

Perhaps you have something more long range in mind. I have a background in research, and would love to talk to you about your ideas in greater depth. This could concern a particular style, era or individual, or may be part of an ongoing, multi-layered piece.


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