Current Projects

My current projects range across journalism, PR, copywriting and music research. All of the different projects reflect parts of the services I offer and what I am about.

American roots research project

This project is taking in a number of different areas. I am writing reviews, articles and interviews on roots music. This is encompassing reviews of new releases, older albums, live shows and interviews with singers and bands. I am going back to some of the ideas I discussed in my studies, and I will develop things into longer articles, essays and presentations. I will work with bands on projects, assisting with liner notes, promotion and creative input, much as I do in my business. I am working on ideas for (a) book(s), a radio programme and a separate blog on roots music to accompany the radio show. I hope to incorporate book and movie reviews into this output as well.

The first major project under this banner is my work with Beacon. I am currently undertaking a research project, looking at the roots, types and current examples of traditional songs. I am devising articles and stories around traditional song from the UK and the US, looking at differences and smiliarities, and will go on to incorporate discussions, interviews and recorded performances.

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Bristol Roots

Bristol Roots is a new project from myself, musician and photographer John Morgan, and videographers Michael Sides and Ryan Morgan.

The project will expose and promote the amazing roots, folk and traditional music of Bristol, England, looking at the artists, songs and venues that make the city’s scene such a vibrant and important source of music and artistry.

We are working on putting together a website which will contain information and articles on the area’s musicians and bands who contribute to the wide and diverse roots scene, which is set to include interviews, reviews, insight and explanation and the latest news on what is happening. We will be profiling the venues and the businesses which make the scene tick.





the loose kites

For Chester, UK band the loose kites, I provide press, PR and management services. I am currently promoing their new album, Of Bricks And Brambles, which is currently at press and radio. My ongoing commitment to the kites includes show booking, media representation and social and online promotion.

“Gideon is nothing short of brilliant. His natural flair for writing has been solely responsible for a number of successful marketing campaigns. The consummate professional, he always turns out the goods with plenty of time to spare and his wares are always to a very high standard. An absolute pleasure to work with. Creative, trustworthy and diligent.” – Si Poole – The Loose Kites/SOIL Records

the loose kites

the loose kites

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