Slackbaba – Aşk – Liquid Records

Slackbaba - Aşk

Slackbaba – Aşk

Aşk, the new album from Slackbaba, a multi-layered voyage into the known and unknown from the master of psy-influenced dubby grooves. Moving both the body and the mind, the album aims to provide new inspiration to take listeners to new places.

The album opens with the strident piano call of The Gates Of Zion, marking both time and territory for the rest of the album. The groove-fuelled, low-slung title track continues the trip, exposing the importance and influence of dub. The initial closeness soon opens out, allowing the listener to access more of Slackbaba’s world, populated by some invigorating Eastern sounds and a bouncing flow which will soon have you nodding along.

From The Ashes rises up out of nowhere, lifting and exalting over some electro-acoustic noises and percussion. The breaks take off, driving this one along. Layers of melody are added into the mix, with the result being a bright, energetic track which will appeal to those who like it deep and fast. Get ready for some Interstellar Interference as the vibes lift you up with the track initially taking a darker turn, moving and blending with some of outer space’s more nefarious inhabitants, before the beats come back and rescue us.

Aliji arrives on the amazing Fortean Thieves, which reveals more of other worlds which can be opened with just the right mix of sounds. Flowing, multi-levelled effects float around the central tune, which dives and glides into some enlightening areas. A crunchy, processed beat underpins the excitement, and layers of psy-influenced funk are added in later. Be it early morning, or late night, the tale of the Fortean Thieves will prove fascinating again and again.

The range of music across the tracks on Ask is wide as it is deep. Dub, drum & bass, psychedelic and dubstep all have roles to play, along with a pallet of sounds ranging from the electronic to the traditional. The different styles result in the creation of different thoughts, emotions and memories, from the near to the far-away, and from the recognisable to the abstract. Slackbaba will take you to places, and create, illustrate and illuminate new worlds, like on the spellbinding Muraqaba, which offers another trip into the unknown, where fluctuating low-ends are supplemented by illuminated sample passages and haunting, featherlight pad approaches. Dub elements are clear once again, as Slackbaba reaches for his pallet of sounds, influences and techniques to highlight the world of music.

The spectacular Colliding Particles blends the alien and otherworldly with the familiar in its wide-scale cinematic intro and grinding, almost dubstep-like bass and beats. The track is filled with electronics, flashing in front of your eyes and ears, and light, shade, progression and intelligence. Consider yourself fundamentally altered by Waterfall Serpents, the album’s apex and closer. Other worlds fully opened, your mind fully changed, and your life not quite the same again.

The album allows you to focus on what is important in life – love, music and progress. All three are represented in different ways, but all add up to a seriously essential release. Slackbaba rides the boundaries between downtempo grooves and full-on tribal stompers , creating an highly individual style. He places emphasis on both sonic and philosophical boundary crossing, creating a fresh, new approach to psychedelic electronica. Keeping company with scene leaders such as Eat Static, Shpongle, System 7 and The Orb, Slackbaba’s music is highly original, always progressive and deep whilst being danceable.

The new album is available on November 22nd on Liquid Records.

Make sure you check out samples of the album right here:


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