Paul SG feat.Carter – The Teacher/Kosato


We bring you news of a brand new release on Rotation Deep Records.

Supported by none-other than LTJ Bukem comes a two-track single like no other. With his first appearance on Rotation UK, Paul SG delivers a mellow, sun-sparkled vibe.

‘The Teacher’ is a wonderful array of blindingly beautiful melodies and sustained pads. Perfectly sampled electric guitars sneak their way through offering room for an impactful drop while zesty reversed melodies sweeten the mood. Liquid drum lines of pure gold melt into the mix like they were never there. Brilliantly arranged and sublime production values make this an unmissable addition to the Rotation roster.

‘Kosato’ featuring Carter is the second of the two tracks and is sure to get the head nodding. The typically Paul SG rolling drum-line makes a return, only this time with added fervor and punch. Blissful vocal stabs permeate the mix creating solid and fluent transitions. Jazz inspired instrumentation is something that most of us cannot get enough of and Paul SG has certainly done it justice with a wonderfully pizzicato upright bass. I know I’ll keep coming back to listen to that slice of heaven, a release sure to stand the test of time on the mighty Midlands imprint, Rotation UK.

Review By Alisdair Mason


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