Forthcoming Events – Jan-Mar 2013

Whilst we wait for the updates to the site which are coming very soon (improving the layout, accessibility and content of the site), I wanted to let you know about just a few events which are coming up which have caught our eye here at headquaters. We’ve picked out one drum & bass event, one at which you can find all sorts of different hardcore dance music, including freeform and breakbeat hardcore, and one which looks like being one of the biggest breakbeat hardcore events of the year. Read on and check the links for all three…:

DDz Stilla Audio

Really looking forward to seeing the Different Drumz crew again, this time dropping things slightly differently, alongside the Stilla Audio crew. Different Drumz always offer a good time, filled with friendly people and good vibes. Find out more at


I Love Hard Beats has become quickly recognised as the top name in freeform hardcore events. Over the course of their last two events, the collective behind the night have showcased acts from across the harder end of dance music, showing the dedicated attendees that things can be done right by those that care. The third event promises even more than the preceding nights, with music from Marc Smith, CLSM, Karl Future and many, many more. Get along to one of the scene’s most iconic venues at Crucifix Lane, and show the world that you Love Hard Beats.

And finally, something which we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, the return of Elation to the live arena, and a room dedicated to our much loved genre of breakbeat hardcore. The line-up across both rooms has got people rightly excited, and Hardcore Underground have successfully transferred what they do so well on record to promoting events. This one is for history, so get involved, get your tickets now, and be part of the revolution.

HU Elation


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