Lucky Breaks 002 – He’s Dead/Where’s Your Moog At?

FutureIntalekt is proud to present the press release for the new Lucky Breaks single, He’s Dead, a brand new track from Bustin & Skampy, and Where’s Your Moog At, by TC & TenTun.

The release continues the rich vein of quality breakbeat hardcore releases in 2012, and adds to Lucky Breaks’ burgeoning reputation as a label to watch. Make sure you check out the links to the audio of the tracks which are below.

If you have any questions, queries, interview and mix requests, please, just shout.

Bustin and Skampy are proud to bring you the second release on the new Lucky Breaks Recordings. This time around, as well as a brand new track from themselves, they reach into the rich recent outpouring of breakbeat hardcore talent, to present a track from friends and long-time collaborators, TC & TenTun.

The release, issued to all major download stores on October 5th, contains He Is Dead, by Bustin and Skampy, along with a re-tooled version of Where’s Your Moog At, by TC & TenTun. For those of you familiar with the Lucky Breaks name, the label has recently been relaunched in the capable hands of DJs Bustin and Skampy, who have plans to take the label as high and as far as possible. The first release, a B&S remix of Wizbit’s Capacitor back with new track Off The Rails was widely acclaimed and saw a new freshness injected into the breakbeat hardcore scene. The dedication to quality, danceable music continues unabated on the second release.

He Is Dead begins with a carefree, rushing intro, before moving into a sample of a well-known melody (film fans will instantly spot the references). The melody is taken on, before ravey synths and stabs come in. Hip hop vocal samples move the track into a breakdown, and the overall feeling is one of euphoria. You’d be dead wrong to miss this one.

Featured on the massive Breaking Free album of earlier this year, in a breaks mix form, Where’s Your Moog At? is already a favourite at radio and on the dancefloor. The version on LB2 sees all the elements you could possibly want in modern breakbeat hardcore. The cutting intro leads to the initial melody line, complete with old skool vocal stabs, before te beat drops into a piano line sure to send hands to the ceiling. Check your head before the beats run back in, complimented by a slightly warping b-line. Destined for ‘classic’ status, Where’s Your Moog At? will drop at any event, or on any radio show you choose to consider.

Lucky Breaks is a label at the vanguard of the new breakbeat movement, and has a series of amazing releases planned for the next few months. Both Bustin and Skampy continue to push the music forward in a number of ways, including producing the second in the series of LB podcasts. Make sure you check it out here:

Previews of the tracks on LB2 are here: and here:

Be sure to keep in touch with the label on their various pages to find out about other upcoming releases on the label, including some huge remixes coming very soon.
For more information please check the below pages:

If you have questions, request for interviews, mixes etc, or wish to contribute tracks to the label, please contact either myself of


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