Breakbeat hardcore releases – 21-7-12

Time for some news of some exciting breakbeat hardcore releases, from Sam B and Ponder.


Hardcore Underground’s Sam has two tracks ready to drop on CLSM and HU Breaks. Sam’s releases are always special, and these tracks are no different. ‘Without You’ takes vocal snatches and old skool-sounding pianos, and rolls them over lush breaks and tempered bass, much in the style of labelmates Fracus and Darwin.



The track fits right into the 2012 breakbeat revolution, as does ‘Take You Higher’, which is based around an age-old vocal sample. He adds morphed bass sounds and lightning-quick effects to the mix, all adding up to a very weighty track. The way the breaks shuffle back in after the breakdown is amazing. Big ups to Sam for these two killers.



Ponder is also releasing new tracks, on his Elation Digital label, issued via The tracks are taken from the recent Breaking Free The Album (see elsewhere on this site for more on that), and are some of my favourites from that collection. The tracks show the inherent versatility in breakbeat hardcore, and are all influenced by, and in turn inform different sensibilities and emotions. For example, Chimera feels free, floating as it does on the hopes and dreams of better times. When the beat comes in, it caresses you, makes you feel at ease. Pianos mark time, letting you know that the drums are imminent, but not threatening. This is perhaps an antithesis to ‘bass’ music. A track for the early morning or the late night.



Likewise, No Trouble, with Wizbit, is effortlessly relaxing. The track, which opens Ponder’s own mix on BFTA, veers toward the cinematic, as elements combine to produce a totality of emotion based around the track’s lyrical quality. Shuffle combines with swing, combines with groove, and ideas of what you thought ‘hardcore’ or ‘electronic music’, are thrown swiftly and clearly out the window.



The fractious, unnerving Faces Of Angels (with DOK, HB & Ponder remix) is the joker in the pack. The initial prophecy alerts us to the incoming synths, and the beat soon drops, from a great height. This is to be no easy ride. The beat is instantly harder, the effects more immediate and in your face. The quality of Ponder’s studio work is obvious, but a few listens to ‘Faces…’ will remind you why he is held in such esteem by colleagues and supporters.



Find out more about the releases at


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