Different Drumz interview with DJ Macca

Reproduced from the Different Drumz forum so we could get a direct link for it!

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The second in our series of DDz DJ interviews sees us touching base with fast-rising star Macca. We talk all things related to his DJing and production, find out how he got into music and where he wants to take this whole thing called drum & bass…

Tell us about your background – where you’re from, what you do, what’s your background in music?

I’m Macca, originally from Norfolk, but now living in Portsmouth. I come from a fairly musical background, with parents playing the piano and guitar, which I tried and failed at. I started DJing at an early age, whilst at school, where I put on cheesy discos with friends.

How did you get into drum & bass?

I first got into drum and bass when one of my friends introduced it to me at school. I particularly remember tracks from the likes of Spor that really opened my eyes to the genre. Over the years, the love then grew as I discovered more and more artists.

What particularly attracted you to this particular style of music?

I loved the versatility of drum and bass, how there is so many different sub genres, ranging from hard dance floor orientated tracks, to deep chillout tracks you can listen to when you just want to relax.
The sudden rise of Netsky and the type of music he was creating, inspired me to start having a go at producing.

What’s your background in DDz? How long have you been playing, and how did you get hooked up with the station?

I first heard of Different Drumz about 1.5 years ago through a DJ who was a resident on the station at the time, heard one of my tracks on youtube. We started talking and I explained to him about how I wanted to start playing out more and maybe get involved with a radio station. He set me up with Nitro, I sent him a demo mix, and ever since I have been doing my show every Tuesday from 8-10pm.

How would you describe your style of djing?

It depends where I am playing, who to and what mood I am in. Saying that, generally on my show, I like to think my style of djing is similar to some of the tracks I produce, smooth, chillout liquid, but I usually enjoy progressing into the darker side of drum and bass towards the end of my sets.

Tell us about your show. What can new listeners expect?

For those that haven’t heard one of my shows before, you can expect lots of deep, liquid, vocal tracks, along with some jazzy, soulful vibes. I like to play out fresh dubs every week from unsigned or unheard artists, as well as new bits from myself, so that every week there is something fresh. As I said earlier, my shows usually tend to get abit darker and harder in the second hour, for those that enjoy their bass face.

You are well known as a producer as well as a DJ. Tell us about your upcoming releases.

I have some releases forthcoming in the next few months; one with Present’s which is coming out on a 4 track EP on LDNB. After that there is a two track single, which is a collaboration with a wicked new producer going by the name of Kreed, which will be coming out on Lifestyle Recordings soon.

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

The next DDz event! Planning has begun, and things are moving forward, more information coming soon regarding that. Looking forward to my forthcoming releases, and finishing off several pieces I have started. I have some interesting collaborations on the go at the minute, which I am excited about, as they are more experimental. Other than that, hopefully playing out more, and hopefully attending Sun and Bass with the rest of the Different Drumz family if I can find the money!

What are your future plans?

Just carrying on the way I am, improve my production, hopefully more releases and more events………..

Find Macca at: http://www.facebook.com/MaccaDNB


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