Update – new domain, and recent tracks review


OK, so I’ve been neglecting the blog again – a million apologies, but things have been busy here at FutureIntalekt nonetheless. Working with clients as well as general freelancing has been going on like gangbusters, as you will see by looking at the Portfolio page. Plus, you should see that the site is now http://www.futureintalekt.com, and there will be some changes happening to the site, to improve the layout and useability. More to come on that soon, but surely it’s time for some track reviews, as that is what the site is supposed to be about! 🙂 Here we go then.

XRS Land & Cybass – Departure

A really lovely, smooth track from Brazil’s XRS Land and Cybass. This is the sort of sound I am getting more and more into, and this one really speaks to me. The way the piano melody floats over the rest of the track is just hypnotic, and the track really does move from one place to another. Just as you are being taken away to heaven, a short, sharp shuffle comes in towards the end, providing another facet to the track. Useful as a ‘day-starter’, its beauty is that it can be listened to at any point in time. Beautiful.

Danbwoy – From 93 With Love

And now for something completely different. One of a spate of rave throwbacks that emerged last year, this is a little slice of heaven, but of a different sort than the one above. A builder straight off the bat, the lickbacks and synths take you right back to, well, ’93. Pianos then go crazy, and the kick emerges soon after. Although obviously a ‘new skool old skool’ effort, I think the track is produced sympathetically, and sounds as it means to sound, a full-on rave stomp. The bassline rumbles along, but for me, this track is made by the beats which are used, and the way they swap in and out with the bass. BIG tune.

And, to show that this blog entry is all about a range of styles, we end with:

Noisia – Tommy’s Theme

Normally, I wouldn’t go near stuff like this, just not my sound. But this is something truly special from Dutch noise behemoths, Noisia. Dubstep, drumstep, half-time? I’m not sure, and I don’t really mind. Just the way this one builds up, is, to me, classical. It sounds like Mozart or something like that. Impossible not to skank along to in a major way, the way the track is given air to breath, despite being a machine-led monster, is testament to the production skills employed by the threesome. A kick comes in around halfway through, followed by some strings, and, again, the magic is in the balance of the different elements. A really effective track, and one that has opened my eyes and ears to new sounds. Check it out!


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