End of 2011 round-up and stories

Well, it’s been quite a year, I’m sure you can agree, both for FutureIntalekt and in the wider world of music. I have written a couple of round-ups, for the drum & bass scene at least, and you can find them below.

I had the pleasure of writing the Knowledge magazine top 20 drum & bass singles of 2011.

This was the choice of the entire writing staff, but I really liked all of the tracks on it, and it was a pleasure to write up. Big shout to all of the Kmag crew, it was great to work with you all during 2011.

A more personal choice can be found over at Thisisdrumandbass.com . This is my top 10 of tracks from the year, so go over and have a look, digest the tracks and see what you think.

In my job, it’s a true pleasure to interview some of my heroes, and that’s exactly what I did with DJ Hype for Hit The Floor. Thank you to Hype for the time, and to Chris for the great editing job!

Happy new year all, here is to an amazing 2012!


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