Quick update post – recommendations and tips for 2012!


It’s not often I explicitly recommend music for you, preferring as I do to let you all make up your own mind. But, by way of a gift to you at this time of giving, there are a few names which I think you really should go out of your way to check out in 2012. We know we’ve had a big year in dance music in 2011, but let me say that ’12 is going to be even bigger. Here are three names which will help the year go with a boom and a bang.

I’ve talked about StrifeII on the blog before, and I really do mean it when I say that this guy’s music is A M A ZING. There is passion and depth here that I haven’t found elsewhere. He’s had a few releases and tracks on compilations, but I think that 2012 will be his year. You can check out his production showcase here:


RoyGreen & Protone are new names on the d&b scene from Vienna, Austria. They have tracks due to drop on the Soundtrax, Think Deep and Textures Music Group labels, which should give you an idea of where they’re coming from. I’ve heard a few tracks, and I am *very* impressed. Smooth and deep, with lasting melodies and sounds. There’s a lot of fresh stuff coming out of Europe right now, and these guys are right at the forefront of it. Have a listen.


And if that is your groove, then you really need to be heading over to LiquidDNB.com and LDNBMusic.com. The site, and the label have everything you need for smooth and soulful drum & bass music. The recent release from Kyshido has been all over the radio and the net recently, so do yourself a favour and have a listen here:


I hope you like these selections, and make sure to hit up the artists involved for more info and to buy the tracks!


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