This is my sound – 11/12/11

Time for yet another blog post, and I wanted to drop three drum & bass tunes on you, which I think and hope illustrate just why I love this form of music so much. Simple, to the point pieces of music which will give newcomers and veterans alike a sense of the power and glory of d&b.

Let’s start with a track from this year:

Fable – Safe In Orbit (EastColors remix)

Now, I’ll admit to not knowing a great deal about Fable, but what I do know is that I owe RainboSelekta at Different Drumz a debt of gratitude for bringing this beautiful piece of music to my attention. Bo drops this regularly in her Tuesday shows, and it’s a grower for sure. The swing which the bassline contains is infectious, as is the build of the drums. Taken from the Northern Tales EP, this one has the remix treatment from Russia’s EastColors. Never going further than it needs to, the tempo is kept at a restrained pace, but there is depth in spades throughout the track. Check this one out, and keep the liquid rolling, as they say.

Next up is another DDz favourite, taking it back a while:

Lynx & Kemo (feat. Henree) – Deez Breakz

Taken from the 2009 Raw Truth album, this musical and lyrical roll-call of the history of jungle and drum & bass is some of Steve and Jimmy’s best work. The beats and bass are busting, but take a listen to Kemo’s commanding MCing for a history trip of exemplary quality. The American MC takes no prisoners while he pays homage to the places and times from which today’s scene comes. Take yourself back to past lives with deez breakz.

One more for the road, and it’s time for more BMT.

Blu Mar Ten – Nobody Here

I just love this one so much. If music can help you, guide you and inspire you, this track does all three. The lyrics and the sentiment strip away all pretence, and reduce you to pure emotion. The music does the exact same thing, bruising and healing in the same phrase. Nobody here except you and the music. “Falling in love with you, all my senses come undone, nobody here my love, you are the one…”


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