Hardcore Underground 5 special! 4/12/11

I’m back! It seems so long since I actually sat down and did a music review blog. That’s because it is, but I promise that I will not neglect this side of the blog, and I will keep the posts as regular as I can, and give you all a little music review every week. Please feel free to explore the other pages of the site, and check out my portfolio, but I want to give you all as much bread & butter as I can as well.

This week, I wanted to focus on the recently released Hardcore Underground 5 compilation, and bring you three tracks that are featured on Disc 3, which is mixed by Entity and Slipmatt. The clips featured here are only snatches of the tunes, but hopefully they are enough to convince you to go out there and grab the release!

Dain-Ja feat Vicky Fee – Feel So High (No Left Turn remix)


UK Hardcore from Canada, and featuring one of hardcore’s most enduring vocalists, Vicky Fee. Vicky’s sweeping, swooning vocals are perfectly matches by the changes in tempo and drum effects which the producers capture. Almost tear-jerking in its quiet intensity, the pay-off after the drop is breathtaking. Modern UK hardcore can be predictable and formulaic at its worst, but this is perhaps the perfect antidote to the bored raver. Overdrive guitars dominate in the second half, which work well in conjunction with the pounding breaks and bass. Dain Ja has been making a lot of hot music in 2011, watch out for him in 2012.

Ham – One & Only


Regular readers will know now much I love Ham’s work, no matter what field he’s working in. It seems to me that his adventures in drum & bass have rubbed off on his hardcore tunes, and that his overall production level has got even higher, if that’s possible. This one is just mesmerizing. A regular-sounding lead in soon ascends into a spine-chilling space from which it’s impossible to escape. Its obvious that so much work has gone into the background of this track, not to mention more immediate features such as the drums and vocal snatches. The mystery of music is the effect it has on the soul, and this one will sooth and shock in equal measure. Tune in, turn up and be taken to another place.

Brisk & Darwin – Every Time (90s Revival Mix)


A bit of a cheeky way to round off the CD, and this blog post, this track deserves mention because it is by two of the hottest producers in hardcore right now. Vocals from Sarah evoke memories of many a 90s rave, and indeed the mix of the track has a profoundly throwback feel (Force & Styles, anyone?). The bouncing bass and synthy riff veer headlong into a slight acid section, and the track even manages to include some timestretch vox later on. The Slipmatt and Entity mix, and indeed the entire 4-CD album comes hugely, hugely recommended by all here at FutureIntalekt, so hop along to HU to find out more.


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