New Blu Mar Ten album – ‘Love Is The Devil’


I wanted to update the blog, and at the same time, let you know about something very special.

This Monday sees the release of the new Blu Mar Ten album, ‘Love Is The Devil’. I’ve featured BMT on the blog before, and I’m really excited about the new release from the guys.

It’s difficult for me to remain unbiased, but I really like the album. There is a chance to catch an extended preview on Soundcloud, so you can have a listen to the tracks here:

If you prefer Youtube, the preview is here:

I am going to be writing up some interviews and reviews of the album, so make sure you keep an eye on the portfolio section of this site for those.

In terms of buying the album – and we all like a bargain, don’t we – the guys have an offer where if you buy the vinyl press of the album, you not only also get the CD, but also all 18 mp3s as well as stickers and artwork prints all for free. Check out the shop at the BMT website for more info. Please seriously consider this album, its one of the best d&b releases this year.


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