Now is the time…

…for a new blog post!

I wanted to keep you updated with a few tracks that I’ve been listening to lately – these ones are mainly hardcore, breakbeat hardcore and even a little bit of freeform. As usual on my blog, some are old, some are new, and some are pre-release. Also as usual, I’ll provide you with links to sites where you can get hold of the tracks, so please, if you like them, go and support them. Simple.

To start with, we go back in time.

Chywhynny & Darwin – Nothing There (Reese remix)

Taken from 2009’s Hardcore Underground 4, this beautiful track features both Chwhynny and Darwin, two of HUs brightest stars. A perfect balance of vocals and beats, light and shadow, this one will find its way into your heart. Reese is on the remix (more featuring Reese later). More info and links from Hardcore Underground

DJ Entity is one of the newer names on the HU scene, one of a clutch of talented new artists and producers that the label is working with. Here is a clip of one of his new tracks:

Another amazing track, with yearning vocals, classic-era-style lift and 4/4 beats of a quality that you simple don’t hear much of any more. It really does sound like a track you would have heard back in ’97, but with a 2011 build quality. Really like a lot of Entity’s work, he’s going to be DJing on the Krafty Radio Hardcore Underground show a few times between now and the end of the year, so make sure you check him out! Watch his FB page for details of the release.

In fact, here’s more from Entity:

This is a monster. Last year’s Stargazer gets a remix from Reese, and the result is everything you could ask for in modern hardcore music. The initial kicks drop into an almost dreamlike vocal, before the drums come back in with restrained force. This is accompanied by keyboard stabs before breaks and acid dominate. Lots of elements, yes, but trying to describe the result is difficult. Just listen, eh? Go over here and pick it up!

Now, I’ve featured a version of this track on the blog before, and I mentioned, or I should have mentioned that it is one of my very favourite pieces of music of all time. Here is another version, maybe more simple and direct in purpose, which, whilst not outdoing Lost In Time, certainly reaches heights equal to it. Jon Doe/CLSM is a genius, however quiet and softly-spoken his work is. I truly believe that there is a revolution going on in breakbeat hardcore music at present, and you NEED to get over to the CLSM webstore to be a part of it. This is amazing.

And lastly, the frankly frighteningly talented StrifeII. I first heard this track on the CLSM podcast, and was just awestruck by it. The way that the music and effects rise out of nothing, and the way that the beat is maintained, is just about perfect. Read the description of what ‘petrichor’ is, and it makes a bit more sense. What doesn’t make sense is how an individual can evoke the emotion that pervades this track using a machine. Truly inspiring. CLSM web store for this one again.


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