Music reviews – 4/9/11

Time for some music reviews. And this time, well, pretty much like every time, the tracks are some of my favourite tunes that I have been listening to lately. Nothing more, nothing less. Some are newish, some are oldish, that’s just the way it is. Some hardcore tracks which have caught my ear over the last few months, and one drum & bass-er to finish with. Just some notes on the tracks, and encouragement to you to go out and get them. On with the show.

Bustin and Skampy – Giant Dwarf (Fly With You)

Now, I know that there are a million and one versions and remixes of the tried and tested Scott Brown classic (Fly With You). In fact, you can even find the ‘original’ elsewhere on this very blog. But this one brings something else. I’ve loved the hardcore breaks stylings of my boys Bustin and Skampy for a few years now, and have been lucky enough to listen to more of their stuff lately. And mighty fine it is too. Although I’ve mentioned this one first in this post, this one has ‘last tune’ written all over it – they way it sounds, the way it builds, and the way it releases. Just sounds perfect to me. Get in touch with the guys on their FB pages to find out more and to buy. It’ll fly with you. Big shout to the Eruption 101.3 family.

Brisk & Darwin – Break The Concrete

Just a clip of this amazing, multi-layered and multi-faceted track from Brisk and Darwin. These guys eek talent, and this track oozes quality. From the recognisable piano build-up, to the meaty breakbeat (you can FEEL ever drum kick in this section – epic), to the stomping main section, this one is a killer from start to finish. I urge you to check these guys out more, at Next Gen and HU. Support the music, you will not be disappointed.

Darwin – Rushing In Your Mind

More from Darwin, and another example of his approach to his music. Characterised by perfectly weighted breaks, acid lifts and well-used samples, this one’ll move you from one side to the other. For me, it’s the lifts. From the break to the breakdown, and SO effortlessly back to the drum sounds, matched with the basslines. Darwin is surely one of the hottest properties in the hardcore scene at the moment. This one’s available from HU Breaks and CLSM.

Scott Brown – Memories (Rhythmics remix)

Classic, classic, classic. Remix, remix, remix. This Scott Brown tune, originally from 2005 or there abouts, has been given the remix treatment by South Florida hardcore DJ, Rhythmics. And what a beautiful remix he’s done. The original elements are left pretty much in place, but it still has a very much 2011 flavour to it. The anticipation on the intro is something else, and the way that the track makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up is testament to the power that only hardcore has. Thank you Riddy, for updating this amazing track in such a good way. Out on Evolution.

More Next Gen stuff now, from Brisk and Fracus.

Amazing 2010 version of Radio Rockin’. Straight dancefloor stuff this, straight into the beats, as you would expect from these two. Again, lovely lift into a hands in the air section, with female vocals topping it off. The track then dives right back into the beats. I love the balance, and the way that the different elements are totally interdependent, but work off each other so well. Just a clip, so head over to Blatant Beats (at the Next Generation site), and get yourself the full lick.

Last but not least, time for something completely different.

MRSA and Parallax – Recurring Dream

Drift off. Drift away. Have that recurring dream that only love can bring you. This is the sound of dreams. This is the sound of love. Peace out to you.


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