Now playing…(current (ish) tracks July 2011

Time for a new post. I’ve been tied up with various articles, projects and commissions, but I wanted to update FI with a few tracks that have caught my eyes and ears lately. Various tracks from various genres, some newies, some classics, all thrown in the mix, with a little commentary, FutureIntalekt style :). I suppose this is what I do as part of my writing (see the Portfolio page for more of that), but these are tunes that I really like, and wanted to bring to you.

First up is a current release from two of my very favourite hardcore producers, Brisk and Ham. These guys have been around for ever, and keep coming up with the goods. They have recently released three tracks, Since You Went Away, Dance Don’t Slip and Fire & Flames (Nu Foundation & Haywire remix).

I’ll give you a promo in a minute, but please head on over to the digital store if you want to check these or any other NextGen tracks out. Here’s Since You Went Away.

Another release which has been rocking my world lately is the Hardcore Elements album, a double mix release, mixed by DJs Sc@r and Uplift. Featuring tracks from their own Raw Elements label, as well as a whole bundle of others, this album really is worth checking out if you like your hardcore served upfront. And, if it’s good enough for the label of Slipmatt and Billy Daniel Bunter, who the hell are we to argue? Please guys, check it out and support.

Billy Daniel Bunter, Peacemaker & Nikki Mak – Love Will Not Die (Sc@r breaks remix)

Before we move on, I wanted to throw back to a track which is a few years old, but that keeps getting played because, well, because its perfect. Italian house producer Gigi D’Agostino‘s classic I’ll Fly With You remixed by Recon. Still manages to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, is this a better example of a UK Hardcore remix. Perfect for summer nights (*looks at rain outside the window lol*). Gigi D’Agostino – I’ll Fly With You (Recon remix)

Time for some drum & bass, I hear you cry. OK. There’s been a few standout tracks on my playlist of late, and of the absolute highest quality, I must add. I’ll put a few of them for you.

J Majik & Wickaman – Ritual

Absolutely beautiful, haunting track, which was released on Metalheadz. Crafting its way along a dark, rubble-strewn beat, the music hear seems to seep under your skin, and the vocals weave implicitly into your brain. Art in music of the highest order.

D1 feat. Jenna G – Flood Of Emotion (Enei remix)

I put this one right up with J Majik & Wickaman as one of my releases of the year so far. Jenna’s vocals match the music in such a perfect way, and the track builds with exactly the right amount of momentum, making the payoff something which has to be heard to be believed. Right from the start, you know this is going to be something special. Let the beats lead you in to the main part of the track, with effects to die for. Soaring whilst understated, the beats kick back in, match with Jenna’s imperious voice. Perfection.

True Tiger – In The Air (SPY remix)

Production team TT get the Spy treatment, and, as ever, Carlos can do no wrong. Warm & easy beats start things off, before vocal snatches take the lead, and, as the roll & bass take off, you know you are safe in the hands of the Brazilian legend. So roll over to the crew’s site, and pick this one up!

Chase & Status – Time (Wilkinson remix)

This one’s a biggie. yet more undertow breaks, which explode out into your ears after the vocal introduction. Strap yourselves in for this one, it’ll rock your dancefloor. Mark Wilkinson really stamps his authority on this release from Chase & Status, piling beats on beats, and bass in your face. Jump over to C&S’s store to grab yourselves a copy.

One more for the road. Or, more accurately, for the festival. Hospital Records have a festival album out now, chock full of hot summer jams. I’ve not featured Netsky for a while, so here’s the track of his on the album. Make sure you go over to Hospital for the hook-up. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to get me on Facebook and Twitter, see you all soon.


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