Music review catch-up – 22/4/11

Happy Easter to you all, I’m back with a catch-up on some video reviews which I’ve been neglecting for other projects. I’ll always try and keep this site updated as I can, but my work for some other publications has taken up a lot of time lately. But no matter, I hope you are feeling good and enjoying the sunshine, here are a few tracks which I wanted to review for you all. Enjoy, and make sure you keep up to date on FB and Twitter!

J Majik & Wickaman – Ritual

Such an amazing track from veterens JM and W. A beautiful, spacey intro matches the vocal sample, and drops neatly into the build. Space to move around, space to find your space, but with such epic productions and attention to detail. The beats flow on from here, and, although I could only find a shortened version of the track, the whole thing builds on a lovely rolling vibe, perfect for travelling or working. Believe me, all of these guys’ tracks are well worth checking out. Metalheadz was the label for that one.

Avicii & Sebastian Drums – My Feelings For You (Prototypes remix)

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know too much about Avicii, who, it turns out is a Swedish house producer. I heard this one on the usual drum & bass radio shows, and it proves to be an exemplary example of the Prototypes’ remix skills. Based around the old Cassius track (but usual a surely much older vox sample), this one takes the original and brings in the drums required for the jungle dancefloor, matching with an understated but always effective bassline. Nick and Garvey represent Shogun Audio to the fullest, but this one was on Superstar.

DJ Break feat Spectrasoul – Martyr

Now, this is a really interesting one, and feels a little two-tracks-in-one. Break and S-Soul start off all angelic and ambient, with an age-old 4AD vocal sample, before we’re suddenly in the land of 2010/11 dancefloor craziness. Jack and Dave certainly add a darker, more full-on element to Charlie Break’s production, at one moment even adding a cymbal riff. Then, just as soon as were in that zone, the tracks drops back into the ethereal. The fact that it works, and that it works in the clubs, is testament to the skills which these guys have. Maybe not as a much a home listen to other tracks from the album, this one had ’em nodding on the floors in late 2010. From the Symmetry Recordings album ‘Resistance’.

Rusko – Hold On (Sub Focus remix)

Well, well, well, well, well. I know most readers will be familiar with Rusko, but, as I don’t really listen to dubstep, this track really caught me by surprise. It’s the intro that does it for me I think, I’m a real intros man. I like the fact that it’s tight, and leads into the track with just a few elements. Simple. I like the fact that you can’t quite make out what she’s saying, and her sentiments are kind of overshadowed by the music. That’s a real lift there, that is. But what would you expect from Sir Nick of Sub Focus? I think the track is quite close to the original, but still maintains a d&b flavour to it. Electronic music is often at its best when kept simple (but not OVERsimple), and this one draws from a successfully limited palette of sounds. Sub Focus represents for RAM amongst others, but this one surfaced on Mad Decent.

Artificial Intelligence – Days Of Rage (VIP)

Rinsed, cained, played out, call it what you will, quality tunes tend to get played a lot. And this one was played a lot, a lot. By me, by the DJs, and hopefully by you. Glen and Gambit’s ‘Stand Alone’ LP was one of the albums of last year, and this is a different take by the lads of one of the CD’s stand-out tracks. A favourite of Grooverider, Fabio and Bailey amongst others, this tearing slice of (near) drumfunk is a perfect balance of elements and good, honest, driving musical force. I encourage you to check out their album and more of their work on V Recordings.


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