Long overdue music reviews – 12/2/11

Yes, I am still alive! Lots of time between posts, and for that I apologise, but I am back with another back of block-busting, backlog-breakin’ video reviews. A few peaches in this batch, so let’s get straight down to business.

DJ Fresh & Sigma – Lassitude

Now, on first glance, I have a few reservations about this video. For one, it’s far too short, but I guess the guys might have been going for an old-style ‘video edit’. Secondly, why the need for the slightly tokenistic an unecessary use of the free runners? Yes, they are showing off their skills inside, but I think their use in the library is a bit, well, naff. But these are minor gripes, and the track is absolutely tearing. Chart-and-dancefloor-bothering in equal turn, the compact breaks and old skool-esque piano work a treat. More and more good things from both Freshy and Sigma in 2011, Lassitude was one of their finest works from 2010. BBK was the label.

While we are discussing collaborations:

Break feat. DJ Die – Slow Down

Now we all know that the ‘jungle renaissance’ for want of a better term has long been discussed in d&b circles, and this video points to it being a reality, in viewpoint perhaps as well as action. Long time soldier Charlie Break hooks up with true old skool legend Daniel Die to, well, devastating, effect. An old-fashioned paean to ‘show I ask her out or not’ is coupled with some of the harshest yet effective drums you will hear in a long while. The resulting tune doesn’t precisely roll (as a whole), but the internal parts are so perfect this isn’t a bad thing. More drops than a plate-spinning contest, as well as ass-shaking bass, made this one of *the* club tunes of late 2010. From Break’s Resistance album.

NZ Shapeshifter – Lifetime (Logistics remix)

Recent Hospital signings NZ Shapeshifter have been a force in live drum & bass for the last 10 years, and their recent LP ‘The System Is A Vampire’ was reisssued as a remix project (The System Is A Remix) at the beack end of last year, and this is the stand-out, relayed by Cambridge legend Logistics. Other remixes came from Netsky, B Complex and others, and is testament to not only the work of the band, but the other musicians and producers involved. This is a lovely strong bass-roller, forefronting PDigsss’ extraordinary vocals. Another example of d&b’s global reach, I recommend you check out the album, and all of their work. Hospital

DJ Marky & SPY – Yellow Shoes

Now, you lot know I love DJ Marky, and getting to see him last year in London was a real pleasure. One of the best of all time. But when he hooks up with Carlos SPY, suddenly a great becomes greater! This is a lovely little piece, showing how effective simple pleasures can be. Right from the start, scratchy sampled intros allways get me. The track builds out of here, using semi-chopped breaks, and a rolling piano loop. Marky always manages to combine the effects he needs, and builds them up with a purpose, and with super-engineer SPY added into the mix (literally and metaphorically), little can go wrong. We want more!



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