“It’s a hardcore rush, everybody begin…”

Well, this is the second part of my blog catch-up of tunes from the latter part of 2010, this time focusing on the UK Hardcore/Freeform side of things. The are tunes which I have caught on podcasts or mixes since the summer, and I have even reached for a few newer, more upfront things towards the end, including a bit of a Darwin-fest. Check these out, see if you like them, and if you do, please, get in touch or go out and by them. As with any music, the artists and the labels depend on our support and patronage, so get out there and cop them! We’re stating off with:

Mark Ashley & K-Complex – Atomic Orbital (Endemic Remix)

Two veterans of the freeform scene team up for this monster, remixed here by Endemic. This one has it all, a nice, slowly building count-up, topped by the sample, riding out into a DJ friendly main part. I think it really highlights the positive parts of freeform. Sure, it’s not hands-in-the-air, heartstopping rave (more of that later), but it’s not supposed to be. This track gives breadth, deepness and passion to the genre, with near-faultless production and remixing. The sample gives the requisite atmosphere and feeling, and the general danceability and ruff edges are very much present. Quality. Find it through Nu Energy Digital.

By way of contrast:

Jamie Ritmen feat Marie Louise – Lost In Your World

More what you were thinking? More stereotypical? Perhaps, but no less devastating, no less exciting, no more damn-near perfect. I LOVE this track. I don’t know why I didn’t come across it earlier than I did, but that’s my loss. Yes, those synths are taking you higher than you thought you could reach. Yes, those vocals are making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Yes, this is hardcore and we are still here! UK Dance honch Jamie takes us beyond this world and into his with this paean to life, music and dreams. I suggest plugging in, sitting back, and letting the music take you. Where the future meets the past. Available via UK Dance.

Auscore & Camzor – My Favourite Game

Ready for a bit of crazy booty/sample bizniz? No worries. UK Hardcore is alive and well in Australia. A contradiction in terms? Not a bit of it! Picked this up courtesy of DJ S3rl, who showcased this on his Krafty show. You all know the track that this one is based up, but the Aussie duo rip it up 2010-style. I wanted to include this one to point out hardcore’s geographical as well as stylistic variation. This is just a wee taster, the full thing is going to come around via Haze’s Executive Records.

Taking of Haze:

Darren Styles – Getting Better (Haze Remix)

This one was a free track courtesy of Haze, again alerted to us by Mr S3rl. A re-voxed effort of the classic DS track (thinking about ’07, but don’t quote me on that!), this one drops us right into it. A vocal start, followed by the build/maintain dichotomy, this one will have you dancing around your bedrooms in NO time. The best of UK Hardcore can be as simple (note, NOT ‘simplistic’) and direct as this, and Hazey does a lovely job of remixing and bringing up to date this number, whilst firmly putting his stamp on things (check out the amazing electrical charges! – wicked touch). Check the links in the video description, or hit up Haze for your free download.

And now for that promised Darwin featurette!!

I first found out about Darwin a couple of years ago, and was immediately drawn to his production style and the overall quality of his work. Being involved with two of the best, most forward-looking labels out there, RFU and Hardcore Underground, didn’t hurt either. I want you to listen to the following tracks, some his own work, some remixes and some collaborations, and see what you think. I’ll add a little bit of info to guide you, but make up your own minds. I give you Darwin.

2 Damn Tuff – Live In Liverpool – (Darwin Remix)

An alias for Robbie Long & Devastate, I found this 2 Damn Tuff track on the latest Hardcore Underground release, HU4, as you can see from the video. This is again just a taster, and I would recommend getting hold of the 3CD set to experience the full glory. I selected this track for one reason and one reason only. The jaw-dropping piano breakdown/breakbeat combo which it contains. It’s only for a few seconds, but it is perfect. YOU WIN!

Darwin – Bring It Back

This one’s a real interesting one. I didn’t think too much about it when I first heard it (apart from the fact that I love it!), and thought ‘ooh, that’s a bit ‘beaty”, but looking on YT, it’s on some of the drum & bass channels! Hardcore?, drum & bass?, breakbeat?, old skool?, freeform?, a bit of everything? I’ll leave it to you to make up your own minds, or if indeed it really matters (here’s a hint – no it doesn’t), and for you to enjoy it.

Darwin – Harriba

Free track from Hardcore Underground. Summer vibes.

Darwin & Aquamendez – Coming Off The Wall

And this one is available thru Revelation Digital.

Don’t forget you can get in touch here, on FB or on Twitter. Check out the rest of the blog whilst your here, and find links to my pages. Bless!


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