Music reviews – 12/10/10

Time for some more music reviews! Three from the leading edge of drum & bass this time. Some beauties.

SPY – By Your Side

I first heard this on DJ Friction’s Shogun Audio podcast…and for a while, I had no idea what I was listening to. I know that you will share this feeling when you first click on to the link. Man, my mind was blown! Seriously shocking piece of music, but shocking in the best possible way! This is simply amazing. The bounds of drum & bass, the bounds of music itself, are pushed by Carlos on this one. The only way to fully appreciate this is to play, to listen, to love. Simply incredible, and just for you.

Muwookie – Memories

And this one is *such* a nice little roller, courtesy, in the main part, of that man Bailey on 1Xtra. Yet another ‘musical’ path for dnb (although I hate using that term, as if anything put out isn’t ‘musical’), this one uses the sample so well, and yet keeps things tight with the beats as well. A really tight production all round, I can see Muwookie going far!! Check it out.

LSB – All Of My Love

Now, I’ll admit my ignorance of LSB, but this one came through via Mr Bailey as well. Apparently standing for the ‘Least Significant Bit’ (no idea!), this one is due to drop on Spearhead soon, so big across to Steve over there as ever. Another beautiful slab of sample-led dnb, this one is a real head-nodder. Rolling gently along a couple of piano lines, this one is perfect for a Sunday night session, where no sudden movements are needed. Keeps its groove well, this one, and I think the three go together just perfect. Thanks for reading, make sure you check the tracks, and support the artists.


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