Music reviews – 28/8/10

So I thought it was about time for more music reviews! Got a mixed bag this time, some old, some new, some DnB, some hardcore, so see what you think!

B-Complex – Girl With Flower

(Please be aware, this may be an old mix)

Yet another smasher from Mr B-Complex! As featured in the last music blog, this Slovak producer can truly do no wrong. I thought this was a new track, more fool me, the YT link for this one is dated July last year! Featured on recent compliations and mixes, I just love the way this pitches and rolls, like all of his other work, but yet remains a tightly controlled and disciplined production. Using all of his skills in the mixdown, this is yet another example of Matos’ ability to create something organic sounding without comprimising his future-proof dnb credentials. Ďakujem!

Noah D & Anthony B – Good Sound (Benny Page Remix)

Now, I don’t know a great deal about this track, apart from the fact that I heard it on DJ Hype’s Kiss FM show a few weeks back, and my ears dem pricked! Anthony B is a reggae legend, and this track just reeeks of sound system pressure. Perfect for the road or the road block, this one will get you dancing. Good sound, bad sound!

Joe Syntax – Slingshot

Also heard on Hype, more great music from Syntax. As the Risky says on the link, this one is forthcoming on Allsorts. Med School‘s own Syntax always comes correct with his future-slanted minimal dnb, and this one is no different. Fully blippy and clicky, this one is the sounds of the machines trying to contact us. And succeeding.

Prolix – Visualize

As Mr Hype says in the link, this one is not usually the way Prolix drops it, but I really like this one. I think that it reflects the amount of work that goes into high quality drum n bass, but still manages to remain fresh for the dancefloors. As is perhaps usual nowadays, the track goes through a few stages, building up to smash things through for the dedicated ravers. Watch out for this guy, he’s coming through.

Total Science and S.P.Y. – Legion

And this one is just a smasher. I am so loving TS and S.P.Y. at the moment, it is untrue. True jungle vibes for the ’10, TS come totally correct with this banger. If this one doesn’t want to make you skank round your bedroom, there’s something wrong with you. On researching this track, I didn’t realise TS had been around for *so* long. True legends in the game. Might want to do an old skool special….hmmmm….hehe.

All Thieves – Stars (Zero T Remix)

And this one is just beautiful. I’m not familiar with the original, or the act, but heard this buzzing around the remixer, Zero T (forthcoming on Footprints). Lovely little roller with good vocals, this is perhaps for the more complentative moments, although it does break down into some nice squashy 2010 bassy bits. All around a very good production, with all the right elements to make it into my selection. Shout to Zero Tolerance and all the Footprints crew.

And now for a couple of UK Hardcore tracks, just for a different flavour as you go about your day. Couple of new ones, couple of smashers.

Endymion & Art Of Fighters feat. Lilly Julian – A New Today

I really really like this one. I would ignore the odd-looking video (I did), and just let the music take you somewhere else, as it is designed to do. Endymion (a legendary figure in Greek mythology) are a Dutch two-piece, active since 1997, and AOF are an Italian hit-squad, who started out around the same time. OK, the music is kind of in your face, I make no bones about it, but, for myself, the most intense beauty can often be found inside a sonic assault. The words make this one for me, try it out for yourself. New on Enzyme.

Kevin Energy & Nick 235 feat. Rhona – Release The Fear

The message is there, if you want to hear it. Taken from the recent Hardcore Energy compliation, this is a beaut from freeform addict and Nu Energy Collective co-head honcho Kevin Energy, and cohort Nick 235. Perhaps what hardcore should be all about, this one finds us hurtling headlong into a free(form) future, compete with the requisite punching beats and stabs, coupled to some strong vocals from a new (to me at least) singer, Rhona. Followed by a nice acid section to outro/mix, this one has all the makings of a classic.


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