Music reviews – 21/7/10

On my Facebook page, I’ve been adding Youtube videos, and giving them short reviews for a while now. Whilst I was going to transfer all of those onto here, that’s a lot of videos, and a lot of reviews. So I’m going to leave them on there, and start with new ones on here. Please feel free to check them out, under the ‘Links’ tab.

So I’ll start reviewing some videos on here, and add the link to my FB page.

On with the beats!

B Complex feat Diane Charlemagne – Rolling With The Punches

If you have read the other reviews I have done, you know I often descend into hyperbloe when faced with the magnitude of this producer’s work. And it don’t stop. The latest of Matus’s work to appear on Hospital (this time on the new compilation, Hospitality Drum & Bass 2010), this ode to perseverance rolls along with B’s usual crisp beats and near-orchestral sequencing. Rolling around on promo for what seems like a year, this one is officially on street now, via Spearhead.

Nu:Tone feat Natalie Williams – System (Matrix and Futurebound Remix)

Another vocal track, but I have included this as I think it is a good illustration of when a remix actually makes a discernable difference to a track. Let me explain. We get, let’s be honest, drowned in remixes, versions and dubs of various descriptions. They are everywhere. But this, personally at least, is a remix which makes me sit up and notice a track, which, to be honest, I wasn’t particularly feeling. It’s a different pace, a different place, a different feel. The vocal hasn’t changed (at least to my untrained ears), but is given a bit more space, a bit more freedom to move. What I am trying to say is that M&F have made me feel this one. In a big way. In, and on, my system.

Airwalker – Big Sky

Whilst I am familiar with Matus’ and Dan’s work and reputation, I’ll admit that I know less about Airwalker. Apparently hailing from sunny Ramsgate (shows what I know – I thought he was from New Zealand!), this track is also from Hospitality 2010. The clarity and beauty of this one really caught my ears, and I was genuinely moved by its trance-like composition. Some track titles really encapsulate the feelings that the track gives, and this is a great example of this. Airwalker keeps the other-worldliness going over and around the tightly-kept beats and deep valleys of synths. A little rocker inside is encased in heartwrenching effects. Truly a big sky track.


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